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Stirring Up Stories in the Kitchen

One of my favorite writing rooms is the kitchen where my hands stir, knead, and mold. I call this love play writing because it can be a prelude to a story, acted out in measuring cups and spoons. It is the preferred room for when I write without my laptop or legal pad. The act of baking is often full of simple ingredients with the potential for something delicious to be shared with others. Likewise, fiction writing is full of characters coming together in plot and suspense, culminating into a story that satisfies the hunger of readers. Story ideas, chapter scenes, plots, and endings often form in my head while I mix, shape, and bake scones, breads, and pies. I am an enchantress in the kitchen because in no time at all, I can whip up a pie, a cake, or cookies. And while doing so, I'm spicing up my writing already mixed upon a page or two, or even creating ideas for a new story.

Snackerdoodles (Snickerdoodles with Attitude) Ingredients:


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